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Can Dogs Eat Olives? Olive the Answers

Some foods only enjoy ripeness at select times of the year, while others are able to make their way onto the table year round. One item that many households keep throughout all seasons is the olive. While some enjoy it as an hors d’ouevre or a meal addition, many also use olive oil in a variety of meals. This means that it’s likely you’re dog has snuck a taste or two of olive products by now. But can dogs eat olives? Today we will find out how this fruit fares for canines.


Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Picture this scenario: you’re enjoying a Greek salad. You go to stab an olive with your fork, but it slips off and rolls under the table. Before you know it, your dog has gobbled it up. Should you be worried?

Can dogs eat olives? Fear not, it turns out dogs can enjoy olives. Of course, olive consumption comes with guidelines for canines, and dogs cannot eat just any olive. However, you might be surprised by the many benefits of such a small snack.


How to Serve Dogs Olives

Before we delve into olive benefits, it’s important to establish serving safety. Olives contain pits, which provide a choking hazard to dogs. Therefore, you must always remove the pit before serving your dog olives. Luckily this is an easy obstacle to navigate.

It may be trickier to keep the sodium content of olives low enough for dogs. Since dogs should not consume extra sodium, they must only be served unsalted, plain olives. This makes both canned and pickled olives off limits to dogs. In addition, many olive products and forms of commercial olives are also banned for dogs due to added sodium and spices.

So what olives can dogs have? Dogs can only eat the freshest and most natural form of olives. This means you will have to search around a bit for organic olives. Unfortunately the more common olive products won’t make the health cut for canines.

In case you were wondering if black or green olives are better for your furry friend, both options are equally safe. The important part is finding fresh, plain olives that don’t contain any added spices. That might be tricker than you think. Since olives naturally are high in sodium and fat, be sure to limit olive consumption to serving 1-2 as an occasional snack.


Are Olives Good for Dogs?

So why serve natural olives in the first place? The good news is olives contain many wonderful health benefits. 

Let’s unpack some goodness. Did you know that olives are a good source of both protein and calcium? They contain healthy fat that aids in lowering cholesterol, as well as vitamins A, E, and K. Olives are also a high-antioxidant food

So how do these benefits translate to dogs? Olives can help improve their vision, bone health, and coat condition. They also help against fighting forms of cancer and bodily inflammations. Olives can also help to lower high blood pressure.

Olives are really stacking up to be a superfood. In addition to these benefits, olives can also boost heart health, lower the risk for obesity and diabetes, help fight infections, and prevent osteoporosis. These are some pretty fantastic results from a bite-sized treat. You might want to think twice before offering your dog a Milk Bone instead.

Just remember that even though olives are vastly nutritious, you should only ever serve them to your dog in moderation. Dogs still need to get the majority of their calories through animal protein, and snacks such as olives should only make up a very small portion of their diet.


What About Olive Oil?

Now that we’ve answered “can dogs eat olives,” let’s see how olive oil fares for dogs. It turns out that dogs can enjoy olive oil as well, as long as it is served in strict moderation.

Before you consider adding olive oil into your dog’s food be sure to consult your vet for proper serving amounts based on your dog’s weight. You won’t regret drizzling a bit of oil over your pup’s kibble.

Olive oil can assist dogs in losing weight, and it could even help extend your dog’s life. Olive oil promotes canine health and boosts immune system defenses. It is also a brain food that provides a doggie energy boost. Looking for one last bonus? You can use olive oil for superficial reasons too. It can improve your dog’s coat by giving it a healthy shine.


Olive in Review

Can dogs eat olives? Hopefully all of your questions have been answered. Yes, dogs can eat olives. However, they cannot eat any salted or spiced olives, which reduces olive consumption to only fresh, plain olives. Both olives and olive oil are wonderfully beneficial when served in moderation.

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Emma Polini