Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? The Key To Kiwi

I had a friend whose family was the healthiest eating family in the world. Let me put it this way: growing up, my friend had been to Taco Bell twice (a shame, really). Both times were with my family. Whenever I went over to their house, they always had a bowl of fruit in the fridge and zero sugary or salty caloric snacks. As a twelve year old with a sweet tooth, this was frustrating. However, I always did enjoy digging into their fruit bowl to find some kiwi slices. Now this family never had a dog, so surely they never wondered, “Can dogs eat kiwi?”

However, you do have a dog. And if you keep kiwi in your fridge, you’d better not invite me over or I will devour it. Unless you need to get rid of it, then I’d be of a great service to you. Except you may not need me. After all, dogs can eat kiwi. But first make sure your fur baby’s tummy agrees with kiwi.

Why Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

If you’re an enjoyer of exotic fruits and like to keep kiwi around the house, perhaps you’d like to share some with your pup. You know, for a tasty, super special treat.

And you certainly should! Kiwi offers your pup tons of healthy benefits. Oh, and it’s super tasty too. Although I am a bit biased.

Kiwi offers your dog protection from respiratory diseases, like asthma, due to its high volume of vitamin C.

And the benefits of kiwi don’t end there. Kiwi also contains beneficial nutrients with really cool names: flavonoids and carotenoids. I mean, doesn’t flavonoids sound like some kind of gourmet, space alien race that prides itself on its out of this world cooking abilities?

Anyways, flavonoids and carotenoids provide crucial anti-cancer properties for your furry friend. But wait, there’s more! Kiwi continues its impressive list of benefits with its ability to prevent macular degeneration and cardiovascular disease, while helping to regulate blood pressure and promote digestive health.

Kiwi truly is a super fruit.

Deep Pockets?

Of course, all those benefits come with a price. And I’ll tell you this: while kiwi certainly boasts tons of healthy benefits for your pup, there are certainly cheaper options.

Besides, you probably want that kiwi for yourself. Most people buy it as a special fruity treat for themselves, much less for their dogs.

So if you’d like to opt for a cheaper fruit to feed your furry friend, consider the banana. It’s tasty, dynamic, and healthy. It’s also less work to feed it to your pup. A banana is much easier to peel than a kiwi.

However, whether it’s the kiwi or the banana, moderation remains important. Especially because of their higher sugar content. No more than a few slices makes for a perfect treat for your pup.

In Closing

Alright, you get it. You know the answer to can dogs eat kiwi? You understand that kiwi contains tons of healthy nutrients, but that it’s also a bit of an expensive treat for your furry friend (although I do say they deserve it).

Whatever the case, please keep more than just a fruit bowl for snacks in your house. I mean, come on. Eat a bag of chips every now and then. It’s comfort food.

But maybe don’t go to Taco Bell. The food there needs to come with a Surgeon General’s warning that reads, CAUTION: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

Chase Correll