Are Apples Good For Dogs? Apple Truth

Here’s the scenario, your pooch has been on their best behavior. They deserve a yummy reward. Don’t you want that reward to be delicious and nutritious? You think about nutritious snacks, and see some apples in the fruit bowl. The question, “Are apples good for dogs?” lingers in your head.

You look to the almighty Google for some answers. Your fingers type with wicked pace: “Can dogs have apples?” “Are apples good for dogs?”

You stumble across this informative article, and you thank your lucky stars. Because, of course, I’ve got some answers for you.


Why Are Apples Good For Dogs?

Apples provide plenty of health benefits for your dog. As a disease-fighting fruit, apples pack a nutritional punch. Apples make for a great human food to give to your furry friend.

The dietary fiber found in apples benefits your pup’s tummy health. Making your dog’s trips to the bathroom easier. Also, dietary fiber lowers chances of an upset stomach or bloating caused by constipation.

Did I mention the high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants found in apples? Apples contain tons of vitamin A and C. Vitamin A benefits your pup’s eye health, while vitamin C bolsters their immune system and prevents joint damage.

As for antioxidants, these cancer-fighting nutrients don’t only reduce risk for cancer. Antioxidants also benefit your dog’s heart health, and reduce their risk for infection.

Here’s a bonus, apples also help clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath. The skin of the apple and its juices help clean residue off of your dog’s teeth.

Is the answer to your question, “Are apples good for dogs?” becoming clearer?

A Slice Of The Good Life

PetMD recommends feeding your dog sliced apples, grating apples over your dog’s food, or making a delicious doggy applesauce.

As you would for yourself, make sure to rinse the apples thoroughly before feeding them to your furry friend.

These are all great ways to feed apples to your pup. But I’ve got a better way:

Check out The Lazy Pitbull to find an amazing dog treat recipe. Making your dog the peanut butter applesauce cookies will score you some serious love points.

However, avoid feeding your dog any appleseeds. Not only do the seeds pose as a choking hazard, but appleseeds also contain small amounts of toxins. The toxins in appleseeds aren’t a huge risk for your dog’s health, but they can cause an upset tummy if too many are ingested.

Of course, appleseeds are easy to avoid when feeding your dog sliced apples, or delicious peanut butter applesauce cookies.


A Tasty Trio

Speaking of peanut butter, I’ve already written about the super couple that is peanut butter and bananas. But bananas better watch out! Apples provide some stiff competition for bananas when it comes to their relationship with peanut butter.

Ah, what the heck, just give your pup all three! A small slice of apple and banana, combined with peanut butter, earns you some extreme love points with your dog.


The Last Slice

Go ahead, feed that beautiful pup of yours some apple slices. You now know the dog health benefits of these juicy fruits, and how to serve them best. The most important thing, however, is that your pup will love you even more when you give them that apple slice taste of life.


Chase Correll