Can Dogs Have Oranges? A Citrus Suggestion

They often are a pain to peel, but heck, those oranges are delicious. While you labor to peel the skin from the orange, your dog sits like the good pup that they are. Their eyes look up to you beggingly. “Just one bite,” those eyes say. You see the eyes. You can’t help yourself, but you need to know: can dogs have oranges?

Please allow me to make a citrus suggestion. Yes, dogs can have oranges, but here’s what dog owners like you need to know.


Why Can Dogs Have Oranges?

According to Dr. David Dilmore, dogs can eat oranges. Your furry friend can also eat other citrus fruits like tangerines and clementines. Why can dogs have oranges and other citrus-based fruits? Because these fruits contain a bunch of healthy nutrients, and zero harmful toxins.

Also, Dr. Dilmore explains that citric acid poses zero risk for your dog’s health. However, that’s not to say that oranges don’t have any harmful effects for your fur baby.

Oranges have high amounts of sugar, and too much orange creates the possibility of an upset tummy for your pooch. To avoid any tummy issues, limit your pup to no more than 2 or 3 slices of an orange, per day. On the other hand, bigger dogs (weighing over 80 pounds) should be able to eat a whole orange.

Except don’t give them a whole orange at once! Always make sure to feed oranges to that precious pup of yours one slice at a time. By doing this, your pup can chew and digest the orange more easily.

Of course, if you really love oranges, you still hold the ability to limit your pup to a couple of slices per day. It benefits the both of you: more oranges for you, and less sugar for your pup. It’s a total win-win. Because your pup will still adore you for those slices of yummy citrus.


A Brief Interlude: What Rhymes With Door Hinge?


It’s not a reach. It’s the truth. Orange rhymes with door hinge. If you’re a fan of Drake and Josh, or Eminem, you should know this.

Alright, back to the question at hand: can dogs have oranges? Yes, Chase, we’ve established that.

Okay, okay! I’ll move on, then. Jeez.


Did Somebody Say Fiber?

Yes, they did, and it was me!

Oranges provide plenty of fiber for your pup. This fiber influx provides your pup a number of healthy benefits.

First of all, fiber aids your dog with their bowel movements, and normalizes the regularity of your pup’s potty time. This means fiber helps your pup poop easier, and more normally.

For you dog owners living in apartments, fiber can be a life saver. Fiber helps your pup develop a better potty schedule. If you don’t want to wake up at 3 AM to take your dog outside, or if you want your pup to go potty every morning before work, then fiber helps you and your pup reach that goal.

Also, fiber fights for lower levels of cholesterol and helps control blood sugar levels.

Fiber’s pretty great, isn’t it? A couple slices of oranges, along with some other, dog-approved fruits, benefits your dog’s health like no other.


Orange Is The New Snack

So now you know: orange rhymes with door hinge. Oh, and it also makes for a fantastic treat for your furry friend.

Now, go tell your fellow dog owners that orange is the new snack.

Chase Correll