Can Dogs Have Grapes? What To Know

Many dog owners often wonder, “what fruits can dogs eat?” In particular, “can dogs have grapes?”

Grapes become problematic. You always buy them at the market, but likely only eat about half of them. You see that leftover half of grapes and look back at your precious pup.

“Gosh,” you think, “it’d be so easy if I could just give the rest of these grapes to my furry friend for a treat.”

Please don’t do that.


Can Dogs Have Grapes?

No amount of grapes or raisins (which are just dried grapes) are safe for your dog.

The toxins found in grapes and raisins are found in the flesh. This means that no alterations to the grapes make them servable. Whether seedless or peeled, the answer to “can dogs have grapes?” will always be no.


Grapes of Wrath

Unfortunately for you and your pup, grapes contain toxins that threaten the health of your dog. So if you buy grapes at the store, I hope you either eat all of them (and congratulations if you do, it’s quite the feat) or have a compost bin.

So why are grapes bad for dogs? Pet MD explains that the exact substance making grapes toxic for dogs is unknown. However, grape toxicity for dogs has been well documented by research.

According to the Animal Poison Control Center, over three thousand documented cases of grape poisoning were reported in 2016.

While the toxic substance in grapes remains unknown, you at least should know what to look out for if your dog ingests any grapes.


Common Signs and Symptoms

The most common symptom of grape poisoning is vomiting and diarrhea. The two occur a few hours after ingestion. Vomiting and diarrhea are something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. So, of course it breaks our hearts to see our fur babies with upset tummies.

Loss of appetite often accompanies grape poisoning, as well.

Also, watch out for any inconsistencies in your dog’s potty behavior. A dog struggling to pee or not peeing at all may have ingested grapes or raisins.

Grapes often cause troubles with your dog’s ability to pee because the toxins in grapes harm the kidneys. And in severe cases, grape poisoning possibly leads to kidney failure.


If You’re Certain

If you know your dog ingested grapes or raisins, or if your dog displays any of the symptoms listed above, then take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Your vet knows the best options for treatment. Also, they can rule out any other possible illnesses, if it turns out your dog never ingested any grapes or raisins.


For You Winos Out There, Bad News

Unfortunately, whether grapes are bad or not, please don’t feed your dog any wine. I know, I know, it’s nice to have a drinking buddy. And we all know your dog would be the best drinking buddy ever. But no alcohol for your pup, please.

Lucky for you, your dog doesn’t require any alcohol to love the heck out of you.

Unlike aunt Cheryl who only gets lovey-dovey after she’s kicked back a few glasses of Moscato.


Don’t Miss Out

While grapes are bad for your pup, there are still plenty of other fruits ripe for your pup.

I’ve already mentioned the delicious, nutritious value of bananas and apples. These fruits offer your pup a wide variety of flavor and health benefits.

Chase Correll