Can Dogs Have Mango? Tropical Tang

Let’s get tropical. It’s Taco Tuesday in your household, margaritas are flying around, and your pup is enjoying the ruckus. However, wouldn’t it be nice to involve your furry friend in the festivities? To keep with the tropical theme, you need a tropical food for your pup. Immediately, you look to the fruit bowl and think, “Can dogs have mango?”

Lucky for you, they can! And here’s what you should know:

The Mango Tango

While your pup is free to do a tasty tango with a tasty mango, avoid feeding your pup a mango with its skin and pit still attached.

So long as the skin is peeled, and the pit is removed, your pup can enjoy some delicious slices of tropic flavor. Mango, tropic flavor.

While the skin of the mango is edible, dogs have trouble digesting it. Therefore, you’re better off removing it. You want to keep your furry friend’s tummy healthy, anyways!

Also, the mango’s pit requires removal for a few reasons. In case you aren’t sure what the pit is, it’s the large seed that sits in the center of the fruit.

First and foremost, the pit requires removal due to it being a choking hazard. Second of all, the pit, if swallowed, can obstruct your pup’s digestive tract. Also, mango pits contain tiny amounts of cyanide, which can upset your precious pup’s tummy.

Essentially, avoid allowing your dog to get a hold of a whole mango. Keep those tasty, tropical fruits high and out of reach. But keep them close enough for you to reach, because your dog will surely beg for some delicious slices!

Why Can Dogs Have Mango?

Your dog can have mango because the fruit, itself, contains tons of healthy vitamins. Also, the ASPCA labels mango as a safe, non-toxic fruit for your canine companion.

Once the skin and pit is removed, you and your dog are good to go.

Bonus: mangoes contain tons of vitamin A, B6, C, and E. Vitamin A helps protect your pup from age-related vision loss. Vitamin B6 boosts your dog’s energy levels, while vitamin C boosts their immune system. And, last of all, vitamin E reduces risks for heart disease.

All of those vitamins will keep your pup healthy and good to (man)go!

How Often Can Dogs Have Mango?

While you now know about all the healthy vitamins in mango, how much mango should you feed your pup to get the full benefits?

Well, to get all those healthy benefits, feed your pup a couple of slices of mango a few times a week. Like most fruits, mango contains fairly high amounts of sugar. So, you don’t want to feed too much mango to your pup, especially if they’re diabetic.

It only takes a couple of mango slices to show your dog how special they are, anyways!

Time To (Man)go Feed Your Pup Some Mango

Couretesy of CertaPet, here’s a delicious mango-banana treat recipe:

  • 1 to 2 Fresh Mango
  • 1 Banana
  • 1/4 Cup of Oats
  • Watermelon Juice or Chicken Broth for that extra kick!

“Now, combine small pieces of mango, with the mashed up banana in a bowl. Next, add the oats to the mixture of fruit. Gradually, pour in the watermelon juice or chicken broth into the mixture.  Mix well, and pour into ice trays. Let this freeze for 2 hours in the freezer.”

My added suggestion: take a little dollop of dog-approved peanut butter and you’ll earn some serious love points with your fur baby.

So, there you have it. You know your pup can have mango, and you know how to properly prepare it for them.

Now, go ahead.

You know the answer to the question, can dogs have mango, is yes.

So, let that precious pup of yours do the mango tango!

Chase Correll