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Can Dogs Eat Beans? Holy Frijoles

I’m tempted to make a fart joke, but that’d really stink. I mean, maybe it’s just the boy in me but ‘gassy’ tends to be my first thought when I think of beans. Maybe I just need to grow up. Or, maybe, I need to let that beanstalk do the growing for me. You know what, no farts: no more saying the “f” word. Because there’s much more to beans than that. Beans are a staple of our diet and boast plenty of beneficial nutrients. But what about that fur baby of yours: can dogs eat beans?


Why Can Dogs Eat Beans?

Whoa, hold your horses there, heading-maker-person. I haven’t even established whether or not dogs can eat beans.

So, allow me to drop some knowledge. Beans are non-toxic for dogs, contain a variety of beneficial nutrients, and taste pretty darn good. Perhaps the heading-maker-person was right to jump to conclusions. I’m sorry sir or madam.

Here’s the deal: cooked beans like black, pinto, garbanzo, kidney, or soy, contain a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals. Particularly, these beans contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and antioxidants that help reduce risk of cancer and lower cholesterol levels.

Also, the nutrients in beans aid your pup’s immune system, protect their vision, and support good bone health.

That’s pretty good, isn’t it? And here I thought beans were only made for evil people intent on crop dusting the aisles of grocery stores.


A Daily Dose

Speaking of the “f” word, can dogs eat beans everyday? Oh, wait a minute. Someone just burst through my office wall. Guess who it is? It’s the only man other than the Kool-Aid man who’s yet to learn how to use a door; that’s right, it’s Mr. Moderation Man!

And Mr. Moderation Man says this: “dogs can eat beans everyday, but remember kids: moderation is key! Too many beans can make that pup of yours rival the gas production of Exxon Mobil.”

What a hoot. Thanks Mr. Moderation Man! He said it best, because too much of any human food causes a possible detriment to your dog’s diet and health.

Oh, there goes Mr. Moderation Man. No, no, use the door! No, not the other side of the wall! Ugh.

Like Mr. Moderation Man harms the walls of my home, the following types of beans harm your furry friend…


Can Dogs Eat Beans That Are Canned?

Some beans dog owners just need to avoid: canned and baked beans are those beans. Canned beans risk your fur baby’s health because they often contain excessive sugars or seasonings.

Simply, our dogs can’t break down sugar as well as us hoomans do. As a result, they don’t need to eat foods with high sugar content. Besides, I’ll bet your furry friend doesn’t require much to wolf down some food.

The same goes with excessive seasonings, like garlic, salt, or onions. Garlic and onions contain toxins that harm your dog’s health, while excessive salt increases their blood pressure.

Also, avoid feeding your fur baby any baked beans because baked beans often contain high amounts of sugar, onions, and garlic. Three things you don’t want to feed to your pup.


Holy Frijoles

There you have it. Feed your pup some cooked beans for their great health benefits and good flavor. But, remember what Mr. Moderation Man says, “Moderation is key.”

You don’t want to see your dog doing their best impression of a whoopee cushion, anyways. Happy trails!

Chase Correll