Can Dogs Eat Blackberries? A Fruit Inquiry

Are blackberries…blackberries? Or are they really just a bunch of miniature grapes stuck together? See, I’m not afraid to ask the hard hitting questions. Here, I’ll prove it: can dogs eat blackberries?

Any dog owner who’s opened their fridge door to see a large bowl of blackberries has experienced the same feeling. The, “Why in the heck did I think it was a good idea to buy two cups worth of blackberries? Because I’m never gonna eat all of them.”

Thankfully, you have your canine companion to be your personal disposal. But because you’re a smart, responsible dog owner, you check the interwebs to make sure your dog can safely eat blackberries.

Good on you, friend.

Why Can Dogs Eat Blackberries?

And what ever happened to BlackBerry, the phone company? I’m sorry, that’s off topic, although slightly relevant due to the company sharing a name with the fruit.

However, we’re here to talk about what dogs can eat. So, allow me to fulfill my end of the bargain.

While it’s not necessary for your pup to eat blackberries, they certainly can! Blackberries are non toxic and contain quite a few beneficial nutrients.

However, one issue with blackberries, and most fruits in general, is they contain a higher sugar content than most foods. With that in mind, it’s best to keep moderation in mind.

Just watch out for Mr. Moderation Man. Word is he’s soon to be bailed out of jail.


Something’s up with the local law. Something fishy.

But I digress… Let’s dive into more details about how blackberries benefit your pup’s health.

Can Dogs Eat Blackberries And Benefit?

Blackberries contain high amounts of antioxidants, which help to fight off cancer and keep your pup in ship shape.

Also, blackberries contain healthy vitamins like vitamin A, C, K, and E. These vitamins help keep your dog’s eye health healthy, boost their immune system, and support their energy metabolism levels. Not bad, if you ask me.

Don’t forget fiber! The high fiber amounts in blackberries aid with your dog’s digestive system. The fiber helps your dog keep a more consistent potty schedule, while also helping immensely for dogs that are having trouble going number two.

Lastly, blackberries contain Omega 3 fatty acids. These omega fats aid in keeping your pup’s skin and coat in healthy condition.

A Quick Warning

As I said earlier, moderation is key for blackberries and other foods with high sugar content. More than a few blackberries lead to a good possibility your pup will have an upset tummy and maybe even vomit.

I’ve read personal anecdotes from many dog owners who have blackberry bushes in their backyards, and a lot of them have trouble with their pups picking the fruit from the bushes and getting sick from overeating.

If you’ve been blessed with a green thumb, and have a blackberry bush, consider keeping it in an area your dog is unable to reach. If you can’t do that, then keep a close eye on your pup whenever they roam the yard.

So, if you have a ton of blackberries to get rid of, try to limit your pup to no more than one or two pieces. And, maybe, bake a blackberry pie! Or make a hefty donation to your compost bin.

In Case You Were Wondering

Now that you know the answer to the question, can dogs eat blackberries, maybe you’d like to know what’s happened to BlackBerry, the phone company.

Well, apparently they still sell phones. And you and me are likely the only ones to know this information. So, you’re welcome for the obscure trivia.

Alright, alright, enough of that. I’ll let ya go, for now. Happy Trails!

Chase Correll