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Can Dogs Eat Turkey? Turkey Delight

Have you heard that the bird is the word? That’s right, Thanksgiving rolls around the corner sooner than you know it, and turkey is on the lips of households across the country. And fur baby owners might be saying this as well, “can dogs eat turkey?”

Well, the answer is a mix of yes and no. Mostly yes, but sometimes no. Allow me to make it clearer.


Why Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

It’s meat, of course your dog can eat it. Dogs are the ultimate meat eaters, after all! In fact, The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists turkey as one of the best meat ingredients for a homemade dog food.

The turkey I’m talking about isn’t the type of turkey you’ll eat on Thanksgiving and other days. No, I’m talking about cooked, plain, unseasoned turkey. While bland to us, our pups will still love it. So don’t hesitate to toss them some plain turkey for a treat.

Turkey makes for an excellent food for your furry friend. It contains tons of protein, vitamin B2, and phosphorus. The protein supports muscle growth, the B2 vitamin helps break down nutrients, and phosphorus promotes bone and teeth health. Good stuff.

The problem with the turkey us humans enjoy is that it contains too many possibly harmful ingredients. We baste our turkeys in oily fats, butters, heavy seasonings, etc. Your furry friend doesn’t need these excessive flavorings.

The excessive fats and seasonings cause tummy aches and digestive problems for many fur babies.

However, there are ways to feed your pup some Thanksgiving turkey without altering your plans to season and flavor that turkey up.


How Can Dogs Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving?

If on Thanksgiving Day you don’t want your fur baby to miss out, consider the following before feeding them some turkey:

  • Remove the skin of the turkey. The fat and seasoning rubbed onto the skin is just too much for your pup.
  • Only feed your dog the meat of the turkey. Don’t give them any caramelized onions or garlic used to garnish the turkey. Onions and garlic lend a potential toxic risk to your dog’s health.
  • No bones, please. The bones can obstruct your pup’s digestive system or cause stomach issues.
  • Moderation is key. Although Thanksgiving feasts are all about excess and indulgence, try not to let your pup indulge too much.


Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

As I said above, avoid feeding your dog any turkey bones. Why? Because turkey bones, especially cooked ones, are especially brittle. This means the bones run the risk of breaking and splintering inside of your furry friend’s tummy.

Not only that, but brittle turkey bones risk mouth injuries, choking, digestive obstruction, blockages, and constipation.

That’s too much risk for a little, brittle bone. So toss those bones in the trash or compost bin, and keep your precious pup happy and healthy!


Watch Them Gobble It Up

So, can dogs eat turkey? Yes, so long as it’s plain turkey or you take the proper precautions with the turkey you cooked.

Now that you know, toss your pup some of that tasty turkey, and watch them gobble it all up

Chase Correll