Our Awesome Partners

Sleepy Cotton

Our partners at Sleepy Cotton are an earth-conscious brand focused on introducing products made with natural, premium quality materials and healthy ingredients, all while using environmentally friendly processes.

Sleepy Cotton dedicates its efforts to environmentally friendly processes by reducing the use of materials, ingredients, and processes that involve harsh chemicals, while promoting the use of natural materials and healthy ingredients produced by environmentally friendly methods.

Better Earth with Furry Friends

Materials and ingredients involving harsh chemicals damage the health of humans, animals, and the earth. By using fewer materials and ingredients involving harsh chemicals and by using more natural materials, ingredients, and earth-friendly processes, we all can contribute to making the planet a better place.

No Animal Cruelty

Sleepy Cotton is an absolute animal loving company. Our products do not involve any animal testing. We also pour our efforts into greatly reducing or eliminating the use of materials and ingredients that may involve animal cruelty.

No Leather!

Materials (such as leather) that involve not only cruel, inhumane processes but also the use of harsh chemicals for tanning processes are not allowed into our products. Instead of using materials involving animal cruelty, we use animal-friendly, premium quality natural materials.