Can Dogs Eat Chicken? It’s A Match

Here’s an idea, a match-making app made in the same vein as Tinder or Bumble, but here’s the kicker: it’s for foods you want to feed to your furry friend. Now, imagine a door. A door leading to a new world. A new world where an app like this exists. Oh, what a wonderful world that would be. You swipe left for onions, swipe right for rice. But then you come to chicken: can dogs eat chicken?

You think to yourself, “Duh, of course they can!” But now you’re second guessing yourself, you’re starting to think, “Well, maybe it’s a little too obvious. I mean, why would this guy be writing a blog about it? A courtroom would ask me if it’s beyond a reasonable doubt, and now I’m not so sure it is.”

Here’s an idea: stop second guessing yourself. It’ll be the SAT’s all over again if you do. Instead, how about we step through that door and check out chicken’s bio. You know, to see if it’s worth swiping right on. After all, this could be the beginning of a beautiful pairing for your furry friend.

Hi, I’m Why Can Dogs Eat Chicken,

And I’m a perfect match for your furry friend. My name might be long, but my history as a great match for your furry friend is even longer. In fact, chances are your furry friend already enjoys some chicken everyday. I’m the top ingredient in most dog foods.

By the way, I love long clucks on the farm and don’t mind ruffling my feathers from time to time. Of course, when the day comes that I settle down with a fur baby, I’m best enjoyed cooked without any added seasoning.

To be an extra perfect match for your dog, I don’t need any of that seasoning nonsense. I’m juicy, zesty, and 100% all natural. And that’s just the way I am. Because if your pup can’t handle that, then there’s no way they can handle any extra seasonings that can harm their health.

Allergic To The Haters

After all, some pups can’t handle me the way I come. Because some dogs just don’t match with me. Those dogs say they’re ‘allergic’ and dog websites list me as a top ten ingredient dogs can be allergic to.

But they’re all just a bunch of haters. They’re hating the player when they should be hating the game. You know, those cocky birds that are hunted and that can fly. They think they’re sooo great because people go waving their barrels at them and dogs chase them down.

It’s cool though, because most dogs aren’t allergic to me, and they don’t have to hunt me to get me. Because I’m right here. So what’s stopping you? Go on and swipe right! Your fur baby will thank you.

“Well That Was Weird”

You think to yourself, “But also oddly informative.” You hear a panting noise coming from right behind your right ear. Your fur baby is drooling over the chicken’s profile. “Alright,” you think, “Guess I’ll have to swipe right.”

You swipe the screen and the match is made. You now know the answer to the question, can dogs eat chicken? And, of course, you’re about to earn some serious love points with your fur baby. Because you’ve paired them with a tasty treat.

Chase Correll