Can Dogs Have Avocado? Here’s The Truth

Avocado. It’s been all the rage for many years now. Avocado toast has taken Southern California and New York hostage. Health prophets everywhere preach the health benefits of the avocado. But, can dogs have avocado?

That’s what interests me, and likely interests you as well. So, let’s examine the avocado and whether or not your furry friend can share a bite of that avocado toast you’re currently munching on.


Why Can Dogs Have Avocado?

The avocado’s health benefits extend beyond the human realm. That’s right, our furry friends can have avocado and benefit from it as well.

So long as the avocado is peeled and pitted, your pup can chow down on some yummy avocado. An avocado fed to your pup requires peeling and pitting for really one, main reason: choking hazard. But, no one ever eats avocado with the pit or the skin, so why would your dog?

Basically, the physical properties of the avocado (the pit and skin) offer no threat to your pup’s health. However, feeding your dog too much avocado possibly creates health risks. When it comes to treating your pup to some delicious avocado, moderation is key.


Can Dogs Have Avocado? Yes, But Not Too Much!

According to Chewy, a dog’s treat should be limited to the size of a blueberry. This not only reduces any risks for choking, but also allows you to use moderation with you pup’s treats.

Of course, not all dog treats require serving sizes of a blueberry. For example, an easily chewable treat, like a small milk bone, doesn’t require a smaller size.

Also, avocados are soft and have a low choking hazard. The main reason you want to serve avocado in small amounts to your pup is due to its high fat contents. The high fat content in avocados leads to possible stomach irritation. Limit your pup to no more than a few, small, blueberry sized slices of avocado when giving it as a treat.

Or maybe just a few bites of that avocado toast, if you dare to share.


A-vo-ca-Don’t You Know?

A little history lesson never hurt anyone (I hope). So, let’s take a look at the history of this green fruit.

First of all, the avocado’s origin dates allllll the way back to 10,000 B.C.E. and was discovered in a Mexican cave. When first introduced to the U.S. in the 19th century, the avocado wasn’t actually called “avocado.” Nope, back then they called it an “alligator pear.” Which actually makes sense.

It’s a bit more of a mouthful to say, but I kinda like it! Next time you get the chance, refer to the avocado as an alligator pear, and watch the eyebrows rise on your friends’ faces. They’re sure to be confused.

One last interesting fact: the avocado yields about 60% more potassium than a banana. Yes, yes, we get it. Avocados are pretty darn good for you, and that canine companion of yours, too!


A-vo-ca-Do You Need A Recap?

Let’s circle back to the question, can dogs have avocado? You now know the answer: yes.

But you’ve also learned the best method to feed avocado to your pup, the best portion size, and some more obscure things like when the avocado was found, and that people used to call it the alligator pear. By the way, many countries around the world still do call it that.

So grab yourself an alligator pear, and treat your pup to some small slices of it. They’ll love you for it!

Chase Correll