Is Celery Good for Dogs? Veg Out

Celery is an excellent snack for humans looking to lose weight. The crunchy green vegetable contains only a handful of calories and plenty of water and fiber. But is it also a good snack choice for animals? Is celery good for dogs? Today we will find out how celery stacks up in a doggie diet.


Can Dogs Eat Celery

The first question we always have to answer is whether or not a food item is safe for dogs to eat. After all, plenty of foods that humans can enjoy contain dangerous properties for dogs.

Though in rare cases, dogs can be allergic to celery, overall celery is a safe vegetable for dogs to eat. However, there are specific serving instructions that owners must follow to serve the food safely.


Is Celery Good for Dogs?

Before we delve into celery side effects, let’s see how the snack is beneficial. How is celery good for dogs?

Celery earns points for being a good vegetable to turn to when your dog wants a satisfying crunch without the calories. For this reason, celery is recommended for dogs who need to lose weight. Celery is actually 95 percent water and contains about six calories per stalk. The high water content makes celery a refreshing snack to serve dogs during the summer.

Celery is high in fiber, which aids in doggie digestive system health. Celery also contains folate, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and K. This makes celery a low fat, low cholesterol, low carb, and beneficial treat to turn to for snacking.

Need an added bonus? Celery can also help freshen your dog’s breathe. Name one dog owner who wouldn’t appreciate that.


Celery Side Effects for Dogs

You might be surprised to find out that a vegetable with such a high water content can’t just be served freely to dogs. After all, dogs are free to enjoy watermelon without worries. However, celery must be served in stricter moderation.

Celery is not toxic to dogs, but there may be some side effects of too much celery consumption for canines.

Ready for a strange side effect that pet owners should be aware of? Serving dogs large amounts of celery can lead to dogs urinating more frequently than usual.

Since celery contains high amounts of fiber, too much of the vegetable could also cause stomach problems for dogs. This might lead to diarrhea or gas. It dogs are not compatible with celery, they also might experience upset stomachs.


How to Serve Celery to Dogs

Now that you understand the possible side effects of giving celery to dogs, let’s discuss how to serve it.

When serving celery to your dog, be sure to remove the leaves and cut the stalk into small pieces to avoid choking hazards. However, it is still smart to watch your dog while she is eating to make sure she is able to swallow everything without any issues. After all, dogs are known to scarf everything down without pausing for air.

There are two main options for serving celery. You are free to serve it to your dog raw. It is also safe to put a bit of dog approved peanut butter on the celery for your dog.

You can also cook celery before serving it. Steamed or boiled celery is easier for older dogs to chew.

Celery should never be a meal replacement. The American Kennel Club states that treats, such as celery, should take up 10 percent or less of a dog’s daily diet. Be sure to always serve snacks in moderation.


Celery Conclusions

Let’s see what we’ve learned today. Is celery good for dogs? Celery is a safe item for dogs to eat. It is healthy for dogs in small servings. Overall, celery is a much healthier option than fatty, salty, manufactured dog products.

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Emma Polini