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Can Dogs Eat Salmon? Salmon I Am

Don’t swim upstream to find the answer, when you can find it here. Simply, the answer to can dogs eat salmon is yes. However, a simple answer doesn’t take the bait (pun very much intended). Your dog is a complex, beautiful being and deserves an answer dealing with all of that complexity.

Lucky for you and your furry friend, that answer is here. Let’s dive in and talk about how salmon affects your dog’s diet and health.


A Color Of Its Own

I’m of the firm opinion that any food or thing with a color named after it is important. Whether it’s salmon or roses, these objects are so significant that they became names for the paints on an artist’s palette.

Or, perhaps more fittingly, they became names in a Crayola coloring kit a child used to ‘decorate’ the living room walls.

Whatever the case, salmon is prevalent in our society. Us hoomans love to eat it, and frat boys love to wear its color in the form of their pastel shorts.

But what about our furry friends. They deserve some entry into this great salmon game of ours. So, can dogs eat salmon?

Of course! A well cooked, boneless salmon makes for an excellent treat for your fur baby. In fact, it’s likely you already feed your dog salmon.

Salmon is often the primary ingredient in high quality dog foods. Also, veterinarians recommend salmon based foods for any pup that has a chicken allergy.


Why Can Dogs Eat Salmon

Salmon provides your furry friend with a healthy supply of protein, omega acids, and other beneficial vitamins and nutrients.

You already know the importance of protein for your furry friend, but what about the importance of a healthy immune system? The omega-3 acids in salmon help boost your dog’s immune system, while also decreasing inflammation and keeping that coat shiny and healthy.


How Do You Feed?

While salmon has a color named after it, it also makes up three quarters in the name of the disease called, salmonella. Essentially, you need to cook that salmon really well before you feed it to your pup.

Also, make sure the salmon is de-boned. The small, brittle bones in salmon pose as a choking hazard and potentially cause digestive issues for your pup.

If you’re looking to toss your fur baby some leftover salmon from the dinner table, remember this: the salmon you eat likely contains high amounts of seasoning or marinade. A couple of bites won’t hurt your pup.

However, higher portions over a long period of time might lead to weight issues for your furry friend.

So for safety’s sake, give your pup smaller portions when feeding them some of salmon. As Mr. Moderation Man would say, “Moderation is key.”

He was going to make an appearance for this article, but I’ve put out a restraining order on him for breaking the walls in my home.


No Salmon Famine

Pop quiz: Can dogs eat salmon?

Did you say yes? Because you passed if you did. So go on and give that precious pup of yours a little bit of salmon. You don’t want your fur baby to experience a salmon famine because that’d make them a sad doggo.

Feeding your dog salmon earns you some serious love points. If you don’t believe me, try it. You can thank me later!

Chase Correll