Can Dogs Have Blueberries? Know This:

Countless times you wonder, “What fruits can dogs eat?” The thing about fruits is they’re delicious, but they sure do spoil pretty fast. For example, those blueberries in your fridge deteriorate by the minute. You see those spoiling blueberries and wish to eat them faster, but you can only do so much. “Can dogs have blueberries?” echoes in the back of your head.

It’d sure be nice to have your furry friend help you out. You hate having to toss out spoiled fruit into your compost.

Lucky for you, your canine companion can definitely eat blueberries. Make your dog your blueberry buddy, and treat them to a few bites the next time you snack on some blueberries.


Why Can Dogs Have Blueberries?

While there are a number of fruits dogs cannot eat, blueberries aren’t one of them. Dogs can eat blueberries because the berries are easy to digest and contain no toxins, unlike grapes.

While blueberries contain plenty of sweet flavor, they have a relatively low amount of sugar. The low sugar content allows blueberries to make for an excellent daily treat.

Forming the habit of eating blueberries everyday benefits your dog and you! Of course, feed only a few blueberries to your pup. They don’t need a large amount of blueberries to reap the healthy benefits.

By the way, even dogs with diabetes can eat blueberries due to their low sugar content.


How To Serve

Serve blueberries to your pup in a variety of ways. Mash ‘em up and place them in your dog’s chow. Do this especially if you have trouble getting your dog to eat their food.

Also, most dogs love frozen blueberries. However, frozen blueberries do pose a choking hazard, so only feed them to your pup if you know they chew their treats well. But where there’s a problem, there’s a solution.

Like I said above, mashing up blueberries, especially frozen ones, makes for an excellent supplement to your dog’s meal.

Blueberries offer easy portability: you can carry a handful around anywhere. They’re also low in calories. Because of this, blueberries also make for an excellent training treat.

While doing some training tricks with your pup, give them a blueberry as a reward for a successful trick. The low-calorie blueberries won’t make your pup chubby, and your pup will definitely enjoy them as a tasty reward.


Blueberry Recipes

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Can dogs have blueberries?” you can start making some delicious blueberry concoctions. I mean, what kind of person am I if I don’t offer up some delicious doggy treat recipes?

Make your pup a delicious blueberry crunch. This crunchy treat lowers any choking risks by making it easier for your dog to chew the blueberries. Check out Borrow My Doggy for this excellent blueberry crunch recipe.

You might be thinking, “Hey now, I don’t even like to cook for myself. Why would I craft a difficult recipe for my pup?” Well, if that’s the case, here’s a simple recipe: take some blueberries and bananas, and combine them for the ultimate doggy fruit snack. Just mash the two fruits together in a bowl and watch your pup wolf them down with vigor.


The More You Know…

Alas, I applaud you. You finished the article and your pup will thank you for the delicious knowledge you’ve gained.

Next time a fellow dog owner asks, “Can dogs have blueberries?” you’ll have the chance to gloat your nutritional knowledge.

Chase Correll