Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs? Holiday Fun

It might feel like fall has just started, but Thanksgiving is already around the corner. While you might be focused on feeding your human family, the food aromas are just as tantalizing for your fur baby. Today we’re going to evaluate how one holiday staple stacks up in a doggie diet. Are sweet potatoes good for dogs? Read on to find out.


Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes

Whether served with marshmallows, fried and salted, or seasoned with sugar and cinnamon, sweet potatoes are a delicious side for human dining. But can our furry friends enjoy them as well?

Indeed they can! The American Kennel Club (AKC) determines that sweet potatoes have the same health benefits for dogs as they do for humans. This means that sweet potatoes are not only delicious, but they are quite healthy for both you and your pup when cooked properly.


Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

So how are sweet potatoes good for dogs? The AKC determines that sweet potatoes are a popular carbohydrate source for commercial dog foods. They are very unlikely to cause digestive system damage or immune response.

Sweet potatoes also earn points for being a great source of dietary fiber. Fiber allows doggie digestive systems to effectively function. Fiber is an important component in both doggie and human diets. It lowers the risk of certain cancers and heart disease when consumed regularly.

How else are sweet potatoes good for dogs? They are full of vitamins A, B6, C, iron, calcium, beta carotene, and potassium.

Need more convincing? Sweet potatoes are also low fat. The USDA estimates that an entire sweet potato contains an average of 112 calories and only 0.1 grams of fat. Since dogs only even eat a portion of the entire vegetable, sweet potatoes provide a very low calorie snack option.

Let’s compare this to popular dog treat options. A medium Milk Bone has 4o calories. An entire sweet potato actually contains less calories than a large Milk Bone (115 calories.)


How to Serve Sweet Potatoes to Dogs

To serve sweet potatoes safely to dogs, be sure to remove the skin and thoroughly cook the veggie. While dogs are safe to eat cooked sweet potatoes, they should never eat raw sweet potatoes.

Raw potatoes are both hard to chew and difficult to ingest. A hard sweet potato could even cause intestinal blockage. Therefore, soft foods are far easier for hungry dogs to swallow.

Remember that all human food should be served to dogs in moderation. Dogs that are overweight or diabetic should be given the strict minimum of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes do have a high glycemic index.

Additionally, carbs should never be the main event for doggie dining. Dog diets should be centered around animal proteins. However, sweet potatoes still make for an excellent snack.


Dog-Approved Thanksgiving Dining

Now that we know that sweet potatoes are good for dogs, let’s see how other holiday favorites can be made dog-friendly. Rover powered blog “The Dog People” determines five human foods that dogs can enjoy on Thanksgiving.

When it comes to holiday dining, sweet potatoes provide a canine-friendly alternative to sugary candied yams. Likewise, green beans are a great fill in for green bean casserole. Green beans are an excellent veggie for dogs to snack on in general.

Time for dessert! While apple pie is the best part, stick to just sharing the apples with your dog. Apples are a delicious crunchy treat for dogs, full of healthy vitamins and fiber. Dogs can also enjoy a dollop of yoghurt, the dog-friendly alternative to ice cream.

Lastly, let’s explore one more fall staple that dogs can sink their teeth into. While pumpkin pie is not a healthy option for dogs, actual pumpkin fruit is a doggie superfood. Pumpkin is excellent for dog digestive systems. The orange fruit also contains beneficial vitamins and acids that aid in keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy.


Sweet Potato Summary

Are sweet potatoes good for dogs? They sure are! The delicious veggie is full of fiber, vitamins, iron, calcium, and potassium. Just make sure to hold back on the oil and seasoning when serving it to your furry friend.

To read about other holiday staples that dogs can enjoy, check out can dogs eat corn.

Emma Polini