Is Shrimp Good for Dogs? Seafood Snacking

We already know that doggie diets need to be packed with animal protein. But have you ever considered adding seafood into the mix? While many cat owners serve up fish flavored options, it’s not as commonly accepted to consider dogs enjoying seafood as well. Are pups able to enjoy what the sea has to offer? Is shrimp good for dogs? Today we will find out.


Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Sometimes called the cockroaches or insects of the sea, shrimp are nonetheless a delicious treat. Whether served grilled, chilled, or fried, shrimp make for a tasty human meal. But can dogs enjoy shrimp as well?

Shrimp are indeed an approved food item for dogs. As long as you serve them properly, you are free to allow your dog to share your next shrimp cocktail platter.


Is Shrimp Good for Dogs?

Not only is shrimp safe for dogs to eat, but the American Kennel Club (AKC) finds that it can be quite beneficial for canines. Let’s see how much goodness is packed inside one little shell. So how is shrimp good for dogs?

The AKC finds that shrimp are packed full of essential nutrients for dog diets. Shrimp contain antioxidants, vitamin B12, phosphorous, and niacin.

Antioxidants are essential in order to reduce brain aging and assist the body in fighting free radicals. Vitamin B12 is key to regulating the metabolic processes of dogs. It also assists with their gastrointestinal health. Additionally, phosphorous is vital for bone health.

Meanwhile, niacin is needed for enzyme function, fat production, energy production, blood circulation, and chemical signals to name a few. Overall, shrimp seem like a pretty ideal thing to eat. And it gets even better.

How else is shrimp good for dogs? Well, in addition to being delicious, shrimp are low in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. This makes them a great choice for dieting dogs.


Can Shrimp Be Bad for Dogs?

If I could describe a perfect natural food item, it would probably be shrimp. (Pizza is manmade.) But even something so nutritious comes with a downside. Shrimp do have high cholesterol levels. Therefore, they should be enjoyed as an occasional dog treat. In order to keep their cholesterol in check, dogs shouldn’t be eating shrimp all the time.

Be vigilant whenever introducing new foods to your dog. Watch your dog while she eats. What is edible to one dog might not work for another. However, shrimp is a safe option for most dogs to eat.


How to Serve Dogs Shrimp

We know that dogs can eat shrimp, but let’s discuss how to serve them to dogs. One of the most commonly asked questions about dog diets and seafood is can dogs eat raw shrimp. The answer to this question is a no.

Make sure to never serve your dog raw shrimp. Uncooked shellfish contain dangerous pathogens. Always cook seafood before feeding it to your dog. It’s also a good idea to remove the shell so that there aren’t any choking hazards.

Since dogs should not be eating extra salt, fat, or spices, it’s best to serve canines steamed shrimp. One or two shrimp can be served as a treat or reward. If you have a smaller dog, consider cutting the shrimp up first to avoid choking hazards.

If you’re considering introducing a lot of seafood into your dogs diet, take things slow. Start with very small servings to make sure your dog is able to digest the new food properly. And make sure to consult your vet and do your research first.


Can Dogs Eat Other Shellfish?

Shrimp are looking like a pretty ideal food choice. This may lead to you wondering what other seafood your dog can enjoy. Let’s examine a dog seafood diet. It turns out dogs can enjoy seafood.

Pet site Chewy lists fish-based diets as excellent choices for dogs with food allergies. Fish-based diets are also beneficial for dogs who need to lose weight, since fish are lower in fat. Fish provide protein, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids.

Other seafood that dogs can eat, when properly cooked, includes lobster and crabs.

Remember that all seafood needs to be thoroughly cooked before being fed to your dog. Also skip the seasoning and marinade. When introducing new food to your dog, be sure to always start out slowly.


Shrimp in Short

It turns out cats and dogs really aren’t all that different. Both are free to enjoy the taste and nutrition of seafood. Have I made the answer to “is shrimp good for dogs” clear enough? Shrimp are an excellent snack for dogs. They are a great source of protein and essential nutrients. Just be sure not to overfeed. But hey, more shrimp for you!

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Emma Polini