Can Dogs Have Strawberries? Berry Interesting

Although strawberry season is slowly winding down, you still like to keep a batch in the fridge. And why not? Strawberries are delicious any time of the year. Although, you may wonder if strawberries are delicious for your dog. More specifically, can dogs have strawberries?

The answer is yes and here’s why:


Why Can Dogs Have Strawberries?

This fresh red fruit is one of many that your dog can eat. Fresh strawberries make for a fun, tasty treat for your furry friend.

Strawberries contain no toxins and dogs are (usually) not allergic to them, so your pup is safe to indulge on some sweet strawberries. Just to be safe, only feed your pup small bites of strawberry for the first time. If your pup shows no signs of an allergy (upset tummy or itchy skin), then that pup is good to chow down!

Not only will your pup love you for feeding them some fresh strawberries, but you’ll be doing their health a favor as well.


Bye-Bye Processed Treats

In fact, veterinarians from PetMD even suggest that you stop buying those high fat, highly processed treats and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Those packaged treats come densely packed with salt, fat, and other additives. Opting for fresh fruits and veggies, like strawberries, gives your pup tons of flavor and health benefits.

Also, look for dog treats made without additives and with natural, fresh ingredients. Not all packaged treats rely on low quality, highly processed ingredients. Keep an eye out for dog treats made from fresh, organic ingredients.


What Makes Strawberries So Good

So you know the answer to “can dogs have strawberries?” is yes. However, what exactly makes strawberries a worthy treat for your beloved canine companion?

Strawberries come packed with fiber, vitamin C, and other healthy minerals like potassium. As your dog ages, giving them some strawberry treats helps reduce the effects of aging. Not only that, but strawberries also provide an immune system boost thanks to its high amounts of vitamin C.

By the way, ever wonder what makes strawberries red? Strawberries contain flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that provide strawberries with that red coloring. Flavonoids help your dog fend off cancer and reduce inflammation.

Sounds pretty good, right?


Serve ‘Em Up!

Unfortunately, that beautiful pup of yours lacks opposable thumbs. There’s just no way to train your pup to cut up their food into safe, small bites. I know, there couldn’t be anything cuter than watching your furry friend cut their food into small pieces.

But opposable thumbs on a dog probably looks creepy, so perhaps we’re lucky, after all. So you’re just gonna have to prepare the strawberries for your pup. No problem!

Just remove the stems from the strawberry (the stems can upset your dog’s tummy). After that, chop the strawberries into small pieces. This allows your pup to digest those strawberries efficiently.  


Recap: Pop Quiz!

Let me harken you back to those school days with a nice little pop quiz. Don’t worry, no report cards will be sent to your parents.

Question 1: Can dogs have strawberries?

Question 2: Can dogs have any type of strawberry?

Wait, don’t answer question 2 yet. I realize, unlike some of your teachers in your school days, that I haven’t properly prepared you for that question. My apologies.

The answer is no, dogs can’t have any type of strawberry. What I mean is that canned strawberries and strawberries served in syrup contain all sorts of artificial additives and sweeteners. Also, avoid treating your dog to any strawberry flavored ice creams, yogurts, or jams.

Your pup wants, and only needs, fresh organic strawberries/strawberry treats.

Now that I’ve educated you properly for those two quiz questions, I can rest easy tonight.

Chase Correll