Is Broccoli Good for Dogs? Veggie Tales

No leaving the table until your finish your broccoli! Maybe you were one of the rare children who didn’t hate eating their vegetables. Personally, I could never eat broccoli unless it was drenched in a gooey brown sauce from Chinese takeout. However, dogs are not the same. They don’t discriminate when it comes to chowing down. But not all foods are created equal. Is broccoli good for dogs? If so, how does it benefit them? Today we will find out!


Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

Before we delve into the possible health benefits, we need to make sure that dogs can eat broccoli. After all, there are a number of produce products that dogs should avoid. I’ve already discussed how dogs should never eat grapes or raisins, but several vegetables are also on the don’t feed list.

Dogs should steer clear of onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Other fruits and vegetables such as avocados, tomatoes, and potatoes should come with proceed with caution signs for dogs. They can be enjoyed when served correctly. Overall, broccoli is a safe snack for dogs. However, you will have to follow guidelines when serving.


Is Broccoli Good for Dogs?

There’s no doubt about it, broccoli makes for a nutritious canine treat. But how is broccoli good for dogs? Let’s explore what makes this vegetable beneficial. After all, small servings of broccoli are quite healthy for dogs.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) approves broccoli for dogs in small amounts. Broccoli earns points for being low in fat and high in fiber and vitamin C. Broccoli is also full of healthy minerals. Some dog owners might forget that it is just as important for dogs to eat their daily servings of vitamins and minerals.

Overall, broccoli benefits from being a satisfying, crunchy treat that isn’t packed with chemicals, fats, oils, or sodium.


Broccoli Servers Beware

Unlike your children, your dog won’t ever decline a second serving of broccoli. However, this is not the best choice for dogs. The AKC only approves small servings of broccoli for dogs. Let’s find out why.

Broccoli florets have isothiocyanates in them. This natural chemical may cause gastric irritation for some dogs. So how much broccoli is too much? Keep broccoli servings for dogs at less than 10 percent of their daily food intake. Therefore, larger dogs will be able to enjoy a lot more broccoli than a miniature dog. Keep the servings proportional to the pup.

Make sure to monitor your dog after serving broccoli for the first time. You should ensure your dog is able to digest the food without issues since all dogs react differently to food products. Always call your vet when in doubt.

Another issue to be aware of is broccoli being a possible choking hazard. Small dogs can have difficulty swallowing broccoli stalks. Be sure to serve the veggie in small pieces and watch your dog while he eats.


How to Serve Broccoli to Your Dog

If you want to know how to serve broccoli to me, the answer would be in the trash. But if you want to know how to serve broccoli to your dog, keep reading.

Broccoli eaters usually have a preference when it comes to eating the veggie raw or cooked. Either way is fine for dogs to eat. However, make sure there are no oils or seasoning added to the broccoli. Dogs do not need any extra fat, salt, or spices in their diets. It’s best to always keep food natural and plain for them.

Always serve fruits and vegetables to dogs in moderation. They should be snacks and never meal replacements. Overall, if dogs are consuming too much human food, they can experience stomach and digestive issues.


Doggie Approved Veggies

Now that we have answered “is broccoli good for dogs,” let’s discover other healthy vegetables for canines. We have already discussed a few cautionary vegetables, but there are many safe vegetables for dogs to snack on.

The healthiest vegetables for dogs are arguably carrots and green beans. However, many vegetables are safe and beneficial in their own ways. Other safe vegetables for dogs include brussels sprouts, celery, cucumbers, peas, and spinach. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are also safe when served correctly.


Broccoli Verdict

So what’s the verdict? Is broccoli good for dogs? It turns out that broccoli is safe for dogs in small amounts. Broccoli is a healthy, fibrous vegetable, though it should not be a large part of a doggie diet. (If only your mom felt the same way about your diet as a kid!)

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Emma Polini