Can Dogs Have Apples? Pet Health 101

If you’re on the market for a natural product for your dog to snack on, you might not have to step outside of your kitchen. Chances are that you have a number of natural human foods that your dog can enjoy in moderation. But what products are safe for dogs to enjoy? Can dogs have apples? If so, in what form?

Today we are going to discuss the benefits of adding apples into your dog’s diet.


Can Dogs Have Apples?

The apple is a go-to snack for many humans, but can dogs have apples, too? The good news is canines can enjoy the flavorful fruit as well. Modern Dog Magazine gives apples the green light in an article about ten people foods dogs can also enjoy.

Modern Dog Magazine dubs apples “wonderful crunchy treats for your dog.” The publication also lists apple skin as a beneficial product to eat since it contains valuable plant chemicals. However, you will have to evaluate additional aspects before giving the fruit to your dog.


Are Apples Good for Dogs?

There’s more good news for fans of apples. Pet MD confirms that an apple a day does indeed keep the doctor away. Or in this case, the vet!

In an article examining the benefits of apples for dogs, Pet MD labels the fruit a “fantastic, affordable, healthy, and low calorie treat.” Apples provide dogs with vitamins A and C, as well as much needed dietary fiber. The fruit also aids in cleaning dogs’ teeth and helping with their breath.

Apples are full of fiber and antioxidants, making them a good snack for dogs. They are also a prime snack substitute for dogs who have to cut back on meat or protein for dietary reasons, according to Pet MD.

Overall, apple fiber can contribute to stomach health for dogs. Apples also benefit dogs of all ages by supplying them with vitamins that can help fight diseases.


How to Feed Your Dog Apples

It is important to core the apple and remove the seeds before feeding it to Fido. Pet MD cites the cyanide in apple seeds to be damaging to dogs. However, a few accidental seeds should not harm your dog. Just be sure to prevent your canine from regularly consuming them.

Pet MD cautions to give all fruits to dogs in moderation. Introduce the apple to the dog’s diet gradually to help adjust their body better. Be sure to monitor you dog’s reactions to make sure they are able to properly digest the fruit. Remember, all dogs are different.

While some owners may choose to simply feed their dogs cored apples, there are other options. You can make homemade apple treats for your dogs, like the recipes found in this article from Pet MD.

You can turn to apples the next time you are wondering what fruit to feed your dog. Apples are overall a wonderful snack to feed your furry friend as long as they are cored and the seeds are removed.

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Emma Polini