Can Dogs Have Celery? A Raise In Celery

Everyone enjoys some tasty hot wings, from time to time. And what’s a plate of hot wings without celery and ranch dressing? I’m not sure who decided this fibrous veggie makes a great pairing with hot wings, but their logic seems to check out. However, does celery make a good pairing with your pup? Can dogs have celery?

Of course, you likely feed your pup a balanced, nutritious diet. So feeding your pup fruits and veggies primarily benefits your dog as a healthy treat. And, celery can be one of those healthy treats.


Why Can Dogs Have Celery?

According to The American Kennel Club, celery is safe for your dog to eat. Primarily, celery makes for an excellent weight loss treat.

If your furry friend needs to shed a few pounds, consider substituting celery as their primary treat. Of course, if your pup dislikes the celery, there are plenty of other healthy options.

Celery offers your pup an excellent weight loss treat due to its low fat and cholesterol, as well as its high fiber. Celery also packs a healthy punch of other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, C, K and potassium.

Not only that, but the chlorophyll (the stuff that makes celery green) makes for a great breath freshener. Also, the crunchy, chewiness of celery offers your dog some dental health benefits. The stringy, fibrous strands in the celery help clean your fur baby’s teeth, almost like a veggie dental floss.


Can Dogs Have Celery, Like, A Lot Of Celery?

As I said above, your pup’s dog food should provide all the daily nutrients they need. Therefore, celery only requires use as a healthy treat. I recommend only feeding your pup one or two sticks of celery per day.

Your dog’s size also plays a role, so a smaller 15 pound pup should maybe only eat half a stick of celery. The most important thing you can do as a dog owner is trust your own judgment. You know your pup better than anyone else. If a whole stick of celery per day seems too much, then heed your own caution.

The number one priority, after all, is the health of your precious pup.

When you feed some celery to your furry friend, make sure to chop the celery into smaller, bite sized pieces (especially if you have a tiny fur baby). The main risk of any treat is a choking hazard, and by chopping the celery into smaller pieces, you eliminate any risks of choking.


Can Dogs Have Celery That Is Cooked?

While cooked celery does no harm to your dog, cooking the celery actually diminishes some of its nutritional benefits.

Cooking vegetables turns carbohydrates into sugars, which your pup wants to avoid. Especially if that canine companion of yours is a tad bit overweight.

So, your dog can have cooked celery, but raw celery definitely provides the better, healthier option.


A High Celery

So your pup can eat celery, and celery provides a great, healthy treat. Especially for a pup that could lose a few pounds.

While celery doesn’t add a ton of nutritional benefits, it does provide a healthy alternative to highly processed, high fat dog treats. So. go ahead, increase your dog’s celery salary. So long as they choose to eat it, of course!

Chase Correll