Can Puppies Have Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter makes for a yummy, delicious treat. Your pup certainly agrees, but does peanut butter agree with your pup? Can puppies have peanut butter?

When it comes to dogs and peanut butter, it’s all about honesty. And to be honest, not all peanut butters are created equal.

Some peanut butters offer all the nutritious and delicious benefits without the harmful health risks: these dog peanut butters do away with all the harmful additives that come in those other, lesser peanut butters.

Hey now, I’m a peanut butter advocate as much as the next guy, but I’m an even bigger puppy advocate. As much as I’d like to fight for equality amongst all peanut butters, I’ve gotta be a peanut butter truther and the truth is this:

To answer the question, can puppies have peanut butter, yes, puppies can definitely eat peanut butter. However, it just has to be the right kind of peanut butter.


Good For Growth

For those skim readers out there, this is for you: is peanut butter bad for dogs or puppies? No, it actually makes for a healthy, tasty treat!

In fact, peanut butter is an excellent treat for puppies because it’s high in proteins and calories. According to PetMd, puppies need higher amounts of protein than adult dogs because they need proteins to grow.

Also, pups are high energy all day long and need higher calorie foods (like peanut butter) to help make up for all their running and playing. Once your pup is older than 8 weeks, they can have all the peanut butter they want… So long as it’s the right kind of peanut butter.


Can Puppies Have Peanut Butter? The Truth Is Out There (It’s Also Here)

That peanut butter you keep in your cabinet is delicious and most certainly tempts you when the fridge is empty and it’s 1 AM and you just need something in your belly.

But… That’s not the peanut butter your fur baby needs. Not at 1 AM or at any other time.

Unless you’re that very special person that eats peanut butter with no additives, your puppy shouldn’t eat your peanut butter. Your pup needs a peanut butter without all the added salts, sugars, and oils that come in human peanut butters. What your pup needs is a dog peanut butter.

A peanut butter crafted with one goal in mind: providing all the nutritious, delicious delights of human peanut butter without the harmful additives.

The added salts, sugars, and oils essential to most human peanut butters are unnecessary for puppies. Puppies thrive off of the protein in the peanut butter, not the extra salts and sugars. The natural salts and sugars in pure, no-additive peanut butter are all your puppy needs.

Have no worry, your pup will love the taste of dog peanut butter. It still has tons of flavor, even without the added sugars.

You can also use dog peanut butter to make homemade peanut butter dog treats, or smear some inside of your puppy’s favorite toy and freeze it overnight. That frozen toy-treat should keep your pup occupied for some time, especially if they’re teething!


No Such Thing As Xylitol Dogs

Whether dog or puppy, xylitol needs to be avoided. When you get your furry friend a peanut butter, thoroughly read the ingredients label and watch out for the word, “xylitol.”

Xylitol is a sweetener used as a sugar substitute. The sugar substitute is fine for us hoomans to eat, but represents a serious health risk for our furry counterparts. Pups are unable to break down xylitol, so eating it can cause a big drop in their blood sugar levels. That’s a worry we don’t need for our pups.

Of course, xylitol is no worry when using a natural, organically made dog peanut butter. The real culprits of using xylitol are sugar-free, human peanut butters. Puppies can have (I mean devour) peanut butter as long as it’s xylitol free and additive free.


A Spoonful Of Peanut Butter Helps The Medicine Go Down!

Now that you know the answer to the question, can puppies have peanut butter, you can reap the benefits.

Not only does peanut butter make for an amazing treat for your pup, but it’s incredibly useful for giving your fur baby some medicine (particularly flea medicine).

I’ve never had a puppy that willingly ate their flea medicine, a la carte. I’ve also never had a puppy that refused to eat their flea medicine when put in some peanut butter.


Late Night Snack

Next time it’s 1 AM and your spooning heaps of peanut butter into your mouth, keep a second spoon handy for your dog’s peanut butter. You’ll feel a lot less guilty if you have your furry friend joining you in the PB devour fest.


Chase Correll