Can Dogs Have Bananas? Here’s What To Know

Hello fellow dog owner! It appears you’ve got something on your mind, “Can dogs have bananas?”

You buy bananas every week at the market, promising yourself that you will eat all of them. However, it’s the end of the week and that bunch of bananas sits there with black spots peppered all over their skin.

The black spots aren’t too appetizing, so you don’t really want to eat the bananas, but you know your dog doesn’t mind. So, that question confronts you once more, “Can dogs have bananas?”

Have no fear, I’m here to ease your mind with an answer: Yes, dogs can eat bananas, and here’s what you need to know!


Taste Bud Soothed, Vet Approved

Not only does your pup love the taste of bananas, but according to the American Kennel Club, the delicious fruit is actually recommended by most veterinarians.

Like most foods, the banana works best when served in moderation. The low sodium, cholesterol, and high amounts of vitamins and nutrients make bananas an excellent treat.

However, bananas are also high in sugar, which means to use bananas only as a treat and not as a regular part of your pup’s diet.

Can Dogs Have Bananas? Yes, But What About Banana Peels?

Remember to avoid feeding your dog the banana peel. It’s a choking hazard and your dog certainly won’t like the taste.

Honestly, the only thing banana peels are good for is using them in Mario Kart. And even then they’re not too useful.


Mash Them, Mix Them, Stuff Them, Freeze Them

So, you know dogs can have bananas, but how are bananas best served?

Bananas are best served in small amounts. This allows your pup to digest the bananas well, and teaches your furry friend to savor every bite (well, maybe not).

Dog not eating their food like usual? Mash up a banana and mix it into your dog’s chow to boost your pup’s appetite.

Need a way to keep your dog occupied while your busy? Stuff some mashed up banana into your dog’s Kong and freeze it. Give your pup the banana filled toy and they’ll stay occupied for hours.


Peanut Butter and Bananas: A Dynamic Duo

Peanut butter and bananas are a super couple of the food world. They’re the Kimye and Brangelina of snacks.

We humans know the powerful combo of peanut butter and bananas. And because you know that peanuts are safe for your pup, it’s time that you introduce this super couple to your furry friend.

The dynamic duo of PB and B is best saved for extra special occasions: doggy birthdays, holidays, and those certain days where your furry friend is on their best behavior and needs the proper reward.

Here’s what to do: take a small spoonful of healthy, natural peanut butter and combine it with a mashed up slice of banana. I call it “pea-nana butter.”  

Pea-nana butter is not only an extremely clever and original name, but it’s also going to put your pup in taste bud heaven.

Quick Tip:

If you’re not the only parent of your fur baby, and find yourself competing with your partner, parents, or siblings to be the favorite, then the dynamic duo of peanut butter and bananas is best kept a secret. Use the power of this dynamic duo to earn some crucial love points with your canine companion.


Let’s Peel The Deal

In closing, you’ve received an answer to the question that haunted you, “Can dogs have bananas?”

What’s really important, however, is the special secret I’ve shared with you. Your knowledge of the peanut butter and banana power combo gives you the ultimate ability. 

The ability to score some serious love points with your pup.


Chase Correll