Can Dogs Have Cucumber?

Is your dog’s favorite actor, Benedict Cucumberbatch? Was that a terrible joke? Maybe… but the real question is this: can dogs have cucumber?

Perhaps you want to enjoy a nice spa day with your precious pup. You know, the kind of day where you put cucumber on your eyes and relax in a hot, bubble bath. But you don’t want your furry friend to miss out on the fun. So you invite your fur baby to relax with you.

However, you worry that sneaky pooch of yours might snatch one of those juicy cucumbers you keep next to you. So you need to know…


Why Can Dogs Have Cucumbers?

Dogs possess the ability to eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Our canine companions, over time, have evolved alongside the human race. Thus, lending them an ability to eat hooman foods.

One of these hooman foods dogs can eat is cucumber. Cucumber offers a tasty low-calorie snack that packs a crunchy, nutritious punch. In fact, a snack of cucumber slices offers your pup about one-fifth the amount of calories as a milk bone treat.

For dog owners with chubby pups, cucumber offers a great, healthy alternative to highly processed, high calorie snacks.

According to veterinarian, Dr. Stephanie Liff, cucumber offers no downsides for your pup. So long as your dog enjoys cucumber, you can give them cucumber everyday for a healthy treat.

Not only is cucumber non-toxic, but it also contains a large variety of health benefits.


Can Dogs Have Cucumber And Benefit From It?

First of all, a cucumber contains up to ninety-six percent water. The high water content in cucumber allows it to greatly benefit your pup’s hydration health. Bring along some cucumber treats to the dog park during a warm day to keep your pup happy and hydrated.

Also, if your veterinarian recommends a weight-loss plan for your dog, cucumber offers a great alternative to the more common, unhealthy treats. Cucumber allows you to continue rewarding your fur baby with treats, while providing them a healthier snack option.

It’s spa day, remember? And just like you use cucumber to reduce puffy eyelids, your pup can also benefit from cucumber.

Cucumber’s a natural anti-inflammatory and has similar, anti-inflammatory effects when consumed. But the health benefits of cucumber are not limited to anti-inflammatory effects.

Cucumber also plays a role in lowering blood sugar levels, according to a recent animal study that discovered cucumber to reduce symptoms of diabetes and to lower blood sugar levels.

Feed your pup some fresh, sliced cucumber to avoid any choking hazards (don’t worry about peeling the skin, there’s a lot of fiber in cucumber peel and fiber aids your pup’s digestive system).


How Much Cucumber Should You Feed Your Dog?

So you know the answer to, can dogs have cucumber, is yes. However, how much cucumber should your pup consume?

According to the American Kennel Club, a friendly rule to keep in mind is the ten percent rule. In the ten percent rule, treats and snacks make up ten percent of your dog’s daily diet. Of course this means a large dog’s ten percent is a lot different than a tiny pup’s ten percent.

Talk to your vet about the ten percent rule and how it applies to your pup. Of course, the low calorie cucumber makes up very little of your pup’s diet, so you can definitely continue using it as a daily treat.


Dog-tor Strange

So, maybe your pup’s favorite actor is Benedict Cucumberbatch, after all. And if not, start your pup out with some small slices of cucumber to see if they like it.

If your pup develops a taste for cucumber, well, they’re in luck. Because cucumbers make for a tasty, healthy treat.

Finally, a brief recap: Can dogs have cucumber? You know it!

Chase Correll