Can Dogs Eat Squash? Squash Your Worries

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that there are a lot of different kinds of squash. If there’s one thing you don’t know, it might be the answer to this question: can dogs eat squash?

Well, have no fear. I’m here to squash any of your worries. Because the answer to the question is yes!

But before you can begin the article you find yourself sucked into a time loop. And in this time loop you have no time to question whether or not you agree with being sucked into it. You must accept it.

You Find Yourself In A Time

Where knights ruled the world. Behind a castle’s walls, you see a village buzzing with activity. However, something is off. The bodies covered in shining armor appear a bit… furry. You then realize this is no human kingdom. This is a kingdom ruled by the furriest of friends: canines.

A Golden Retriever approaches you on their hind legs. The sight of this dog walking on its hind legs brings you great joy. You think to yourself, “He thinks he’s human!”

But the grim face on the golden retriever dims your joy. The dog introduces himself, “Hello, traveler of time, I am Sir George Squashington. I am a member of a group that has brought you here for a serious mission. A mission to save the squash.”

“What,” you ask, “can dogs eat squash?”

Sir Squashington answers, a little too smug for your liking, “Why of course my ignorant hooman friend. Although we may not soon, if the Raccoon Queen has her way! She wants all of the squash to herself and is trying to ban the canine population from eating it. Horrible!”

“Yes, very horrible,” you agree, “but what’s so great about squash?”

Sir Squashington goes on to explain…

The Benefits Of Squash For Dogs

He talks about how they always cook their squash before they eat it. Because raw squash can be difficult for them to digest. Also, he explains that it’s important for them to remove any skin and seeds from the squash.

As for the benefits, Sir Squashington explains that the varying types of squash all offer plenty of nutritional value. He says that many dogs on grain-free diets prefer to substitute spaghetti squash for grains like rice or pasta.

“Also,” Sir Squashington says, “spaghetti squash contains plenty of beneficial nutrients like beta carotene, which is great for a dog’s eyesight.”

“Wow, that’s awesome! And very informative,” you say, “I’m so glad I’m reading this article! Er, I mean, I’m so glad I got sent back in a time loop to a land ruled by medieval animals!”

“Yes,” Sir Squashington says with the type of nervous laugh someone uses when dealing with a crazy person, “Anyways, we need you to convince the Raccoon Queen’s counsel to vote against her law to prevent any dogs from eating squash. Because we love squash and its healthy benefits!”

“Alright,” you say, “I accept your mission.”

Sir Squashington leaps from his hind legs with joy and then goes on to share with you all of the benefits of squash for dogs. He says the counsel will believe you to be a powerful, human wizard. And if you display an in-depth knowledge of the benefits of squash, they will vote against the Raccoon Queen without question.

You follow Sir Squashington to meet with the counsel, where you explain to them…

Why Can Dogs Eat Squash?

As it turns out, Sir Squashington was a great sharer of squash knowledge. You amaze the counsel with your knowledge about the benefits of squash for dogs.

Because you tell them about acorn squash, and how it makes for a healthy delicious treat for a dog. However, it does require moderation, of course!

Also, you explain how dogs enjoy the benefits of butternut squash. Because the nutrients in butternut squash aid with your dog’s digestion, while also containing tons of potassium to help with bone health.

The Counsel Has Heard Enough

They take your words to heart and vote against the Raccoon Queen’s plan, at once. Sir Squashington thanks you and activates the time loop.

You find yourself back at wherever you are. You feel glad to have saved Sir Squashington and his canine village. You’re also glad to now know the answer to the question, can dogs eat squash?

Chase Correll