Can Dogs Eat Pork? Jurassic Pork

It’s no secret that dogs crave meat. In fact, the overwhelming majority of a dog’s calories should come from animal protein. So where does pork stack up? Can dogs eat pork? Today we will see how this meat fares for our furry friends.

Can Dogs Eat Pork?

We all know that dogs get into everything. They suck up scraps of food before you even noticed they got into the trash again. So what are you going to do about your little hamburglar? Can dogs eat pork or should they steer clear?

You might be surprised, but unlike chicken and beef, it’s a bit more complicated to serve pork to pups. However, all owners of carnivorous canines can rest easy. Dogs can eat pork, but their humans must follow guidelines when serving pork to dogs.

Serving Pork to Pups

So how can dogs eat pork safely? Your pup is free to enjoy this meat if it is served plain and simple. This means no seasonings, spices, oils, fats, or rubs. You should be especially wary of the addition of onion or garlic, since these foods are both toxic to dogs in all forms. Another seasoning dogs should stay away from is barbecue sauce.

Whenever you feed your dog a new food, serve a small amount and monitor your pup for any adverse reactions. Be aware that some meats, including rabbit, pork, and lamb, are actually more likely to cause allergic reactions in canines. This makes it especially important to make sure your dog is able to consume pork safely before you continue to serve it.

Additionally, pet owners should know that the fat in pork is hard for dogs to digest. In general, dog diets should not be high in fat, because high fat levels increase the risk for dogs developing obesity and pancreatitis. Dogs can experience inflammation or indigestion after eating pork due to the fat.

Is Pork Good for Dogs?

So why serve pork in the first place? Some pet owners are on the hunt for extra protein sources for their pups. A three ounce piece of pork contains 23 grams of protein according to the USDA. This makes it an excellent choice in this regard.

Some store bought dog products do contain pork. These options are great for dogs who favor this meat. Pork also provides vitamins and nutrients. At the same time, pork can be a tricky item to feed dogs due to its high fat and sodium levels.

Therefore, it is generally safer to feed dogs pork products intended for dogs. For once, the natural option is not necessarily the best for your furry friend. However, if you dog is able to eat plain pork without issues, it makes for a safe snack. Just remember all things in moderation and monitor your dog’s fat consumption levels. Let’s stay happy and healthy.

Raw Pork Risks

Like I said, dogs don’t discriminate when it comes to eating. This means that they won’t hesitate to gobble up raw pork. However, this is very dangerous for dogs.

Both raw and undercooked pork can cause parasite infections. Dogs are more susceptible to pork meat parasite infections than humans are. While humans should also stay away from raw pork, it is especially dangerous for dogs to consume it.

Dogs who have a weaker immune system are more susceptible to parasite poisoning. They will also experience more severe symptoms. These symptoms include stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, lethargy, muscle inflammation, stiffness, and pain. If you suspect your dog is experiencing raw pork parasite poisoning, call your vet immediately.

How Do Pork Products Stack Up?

Is plain pork safe for dogs? Check. Can dogs eat raw pork? No. What about pork products? Let’s explore.

Dogs love bones, but you should not be giving them pork bones. Cooked pork bones are more likely to splinter and injure your dog or provide choking risks. They can also contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella.

Other pork products, such as sausage, ham, and bacon, should not be served to dogs. Processed meats have been linked to cancerous carcinogens. They also have fat and salt contents that are way too high to be safe for canines to eat.

Pork Conclusions

Can dogs eat pork? Technically dogs can eat pork. Pork is not inherently dangerous for dogs as long as it is kept entirely plain. However, chicken and beef are considered safer meats for dogs. Why not stick with the tried and true?

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Emma Polini