Can Dogs Eat Pears? The Perfect Pear

A juicy, delicious, fruit: one bite of a pear transports you to a tropical town full of flavor. Perhaps you’d like to bring your dog along to that tropical flavortown. But, can dogs eat pears?

Before you think to bring your pup along on your flavorful journey, you’d better find the answer to that question: can dogs eat pears? Lucky for you, the answer’s right here!


Why Can Dogs Eat Pears?

Pears provide a great little treat for your furry friend. The skin and fruit of the pear is non-toxic and contains plenty of healthy vitamins and nutrients. A little pear treat can go a long way towards benefitting your fur baby’s health.

The high amounts of vitamin A, C, and fiber work to keep your pup in ship shape.

Like in carrots, the vitamin A in pears works to benefit your dog’s eyesight. While vitamin A won’t give your pup x-ray vision or anything like that, it will aid in preventing vision loss as your dog ages.

Vitamin C helps bolster your dog’s immune system, which is very important. Keeping your fur baby’s immune system strong helps them fend off disease and infection.

As for fiber, this nutrient helps your pup keep a regular potty schedule. Fiber aids your furry friend’s digestive system, which helps them poop more consistently.


Can Dogs Eat Pears All The Time?

Like any human food, too much pear can cause your pup to have an upset tummy. As always, moderation remains key.

Because you likely eat pears only every now and then, it’ll be easy to exercise moderation with your dog.

As for feeding pears to your pup, make sure to cut them up into small, bite size pieces. Choking hazards are the number one risk for dogs when they eat human food. So by chopping up the pears into smaller pieces, you can have peace of mind.

With regards to portion sizing, a small dog only needs one slice of pear (that’s been chopped into smaller, easier to eat bites.) A bigger dog, weighing greater than fifty pounds, can eat about half of a pear in a day. So feel free to split a pear with your large pup.

You know, so you two can enjoy tropical tasty-town.


Any Risks?

The main risk presented by pears is their seeds. The seeds inside of a pear contain small amounts of a toxin called cyanide. Although your dog would have to eat a lot of the seeds before getting sick, it’s still necessary knowledge for dog owners.

Also, avoid feeding your fur baby any canned pears. While the answer to “can dogs eat pears” is yes, dogs cannot eat canned pears.

Why? Because canned pears contain too much sugar for a dog’s diet. The high amounts of sugar in canned pears irritate your dog’s digestive system, and also puts your pup at risk for diabetes or obesity. But only if they eat a lot of sugar on a consistent basis.


The Perfect Pear

When it comes to dogs eating this tropical fruit, it appears the two make a perfect pear. Terrible puns aside, you should feel free to give your fur baby a tasty taste of pear every now and then!

Chase Correll